Prison Healing Ministry

The Missionaries of Grace Ministries Healing Programs assist inmates on their journey to spiritual, physical and mental wellness by providing books and assistance in helping start or maintain the following programs at their facilities:

1. Celebrate Recovery Program is a Christ centered recovery program based on the Beatitudes. It is a biblical program that can help you overcome hurts, habits, and hang-ups. Based on the actual words of Jesus, this recovery program is more effective in helping people change than anything else. The Holy Spirit has used this program to transform literally thousands of lives and can help people grow toward full Christ like maturity.

Through Celebrate Recovery you will find deep peace and lasting freedom in Jesus Christ as you walk your own road to recovery. The road to recovery is an exciting and amazing journey as you take the hand of the true and only Higher Power, Jesus Christ, and walk with Him toward healing and serenity.

The purpose of this program is to allow us to become free from life's hurts, hang-ups, and habits. By working through the eight recovery principles found in the Beatitudes with Jesus Christ as your Higher Power, you can and will change! You will begin to experience the true peace and serenity you have been seeking, and you will no longer have to rely on your dysfunctional, compulsive, and addictive behaviors as a temporary "fix" for your pain.

By applying the biblical principles of conviction, conversion, witnessing, and helping one another, which are found within the eight principles and the Christ centered Twelve Steps, you will restore and develop stronger relationships with others and with God. Celebrate Recovery is a twenty-four week program based on the book Celebrate Recovery Inside by John Baker of Saddlebrook Church in Lake Forest, CA with Senior Pastor Rick Warren author of The Purpose Driven Life.

2. Houses of Healing: A Prisoner's Guide to Inner Power and Freedom written by Robin Carsarjean is about personal and spiritual development and has been taught as a course of study entitled Emotional Awareness/Emotional Healing in the Massachusetts prison system since 1988. It is a powerful, insightful, and realistic book and course of study. This course can move many inmates from a viewpoint of feeling hapless, hopeless, and helpless toward responsibly examining and actively choosing values that will guide their lives toward being self-respecting and helpful human beings. Houses of Healing can be the beginning of a deeply healing and empowering journey. It is a journey, if an inmate is willing to take it that will last a lifetime. This book and course is for everyone; lifers, long and short-timers and re-entry. This book and course is about personal and spiritual development, inspiration, healing and hope for a better future. The goal of this healing project is to share as much of the spirit and content of the Emotional Awareness/Emotional Healing course with as many inmates as possible across America. This is an eight to twelve week program. A volunteer psychologist (active or retired), mental health counselor or someone from the clergy will facilitate the support group.

3. Hope, Healing and Forgiveness Program: This is a Victim/Offender Program our goal for this program is healing and closure. Robin Casarjian psychoanalyst and author of Houses of Healing: A Prisoner's Guide to Inner Power and Freedom and Power Source: Taking Charge of Your Life says "when people understand the hurt that they have caused, the real human suffering that is involved, they are more likely to be discouraged from repeating the behavior. If we hurt someone, it is important to understand, in as full a way as possible, what this has meant to the other person and our role in it. We need to look to see if there are ways we can take responsibility for our actions and make amends. For those who are ready and would benefit from it, we need to encourage mediation between victim and offender through a restorative justice program.

The purpose and hope for these meetings is that through open communication the offended parties might get some answers and begin some closure on the anger and pain they experience, and the offenders receive a realistic sense of accountability, separate from the physical reality of their prison sentence. In the process, each may find a new awareness, a point from which healing can occur. Studies have indicated that in addition to helping each to heal emotionally, both victims and offenders begin to breakdown stereotypes of the other. This restorative model of justice views crimes as being against people and community and not the state. It is interested in solutions that promote repair, reconciliation, and reassurance." Victim/Offender programs have become an important part of criminal and juvenile justice processes in the United States. Their focus on validating the impact on victims, identifying and addressing victims most important needs, and providing opportunities for juvenile and adult defendants/offenders to accept responsibility for their actions has resulted in an promising programmatic approach to justice and offender accountability.

The Spirit of the LORD GOD is upon Me, Because the LORD has anointed Me, To preach good tidings to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to the captives, And the opening of the prison to those who are bound.
Isaiah 61:1

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