The Value of One

For the souls of mankind, Jesus was born.
He lived and died with the souls of the world in view.
No sacrifice is too deep if by sacrificing a soul is won.
No trip is too far if by taking that trip a soul is won.
No suffering is too intense if by suffering a soul is won.
No expenditure is too great if by making that expenditure a soul is won.
The soul is of indescribable worth.

~ Dr. George Sweeting, Pastor and Author

Not many people can say that on the day they accepted Christ, someone explained to them how to grow spiritually. Sadly some believers aren't ever taught. GOD wants His children to bear the image of Christ, but we do not grow in our faith unless we take action.

Missionaries of Grace Ministries and Trinity Inside was established to take such action for our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ in 2012 and to serve Him in prisons, jails and detention centers across America and abroad. We are a ministry inspired by GOD and dedicated to helping change lives by promoting spiritual and personal development, inspiration, and healing in the hearts of incarcerated women and men, this is our mission. Some of the resources we are providing are Free Bibles, Bible study courses, Christian inspirational books, and Trinity Inside, a Christian booklet, published by Missionaries of Grace Ministries which teaches the inmates about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit (The Trinity), salvation, and how to grow spiritually. We are providing these Christian resources at no cost or obligation to the inmates.

Our vision is to see people experiencing a personal relationship with Christ, growing to be more like Him and serving in a local body of His family no matter where that might be.

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